ALR Hope- Hoover, Alabama

ALR Hope- Hoover, Alabama

2201 Little Valley Rd, Birmingham, AL 35216, USA

Certification: Not Certified

Gender: Women


ALR Hope owns and operates apartment complexes for women who have completed a primary treatment program for chemical dependency. We provide a supportive, structured place to live while adjusting to a chemically free lifestyle. We offer structured-living facilities for those who desire a chemically free environment to help stabilize recovery.

Mission Statement

The mission of Any Length Resources is to help support women in their recovery from the disease of chemical dependency by providing a supportive living environment during the transitional period between primary treatment and returning home – or establishing a new home. We provide predictable, safe, secure, and supportive environments to encourage full growth and recovery. 

Additional Information:

Goals: to help residents attain coping skills to live a productive chemically-free life.

Develop skills for seeking employment or appropriate education

Improve communication skills and relationships

acquire the ability to be financially responsible

Develop self-reliance and belief in one’s own capabilities

Focus on the foundation of abstinence as the basis for all growth

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Phone: (120) 5253-8871


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ALR Hope- Hoover, Alabama