Aletheia House Sober Living home for Women in Portland, Maine

Aletheia House Sober Living home for Women in Portland, Maine

Portland, Portland, ME 04102, USA

Certification: Certified

Gender: Women

Sober House Description:

About Aletheia House Sober Living home for Women in Maine

Our mission at Aletheia House is to provide a recovery oriented, safe and structured environment to women seeking a life outside the grips of alcoholism/addiction. 

 A recovery oriented, safe and structured environment

Aletheia House provides guidance and tools necessary for women to gain independence and bring the practical application of the 12 steps into their daily lives.


Additional Information:

New Residents Rules

  • Employment/Volunteering – All residents must obtain a job/volunteer for a minimum of twenty (20) hours each week. School can be used towards these hours.. When you first arrive, meeting with your sponsor/bookwork can count for hours your first 2 weeks. However, residents are not to work more than 40 hours/week. Employment must be obtained within 30 days.
  • Sponsor – All residents are required to obtain a sponsor within 5 days and meet with sponsor, in person, at least once a week. Residents are required to actively be working the 12 steps and will be provided accountability/structure to promote progression.
  • Meeting Requirement – Residents on steps 1-11 are required to attend a minimum of 5 meetings a week, with 2 of these meetings consisting of women’s meetings. Integrated Residents are required to attend a minimum of 3 meetings a week with 1 of these meetings consisting of  a Women’s meeting. When attending meetings, residents must conduct themselves in a respectful manner. There is absolutely no cell phone use while attending a meeting. If a resident arrives to a meeting more than 5 minutes late, or leaves early, this will not count towards weekly house requirement. Bathroom breaks must be taken prior to meeting.
  • Home Group – Every resident is required to have a home group within 30 days of residency. Residents are required to obtain a job within your home group and follow through with the commitment of your service position.

    Groups/Programming – Every Monday there will be a in house Big Book/Spiritual Development Group at 6pm. All residents are required to attend 2 of these groups per month.

    Writing time – While residents are on step 4, a minimum of 15 hours of timed writing must be logged throughout the week.

  • Speaking Up – Residents on steps 1-11 are required share at a minimum of one meeting per week.
  • Buddy System – The first week of residency, women will be placed on a “buddy system” where they will be required to have another woman from the house present when engaging in activities outside of the house. This includes meetings.
  • Cell Phones – For the 1st 30 days of residency, women are required to turn their cell phone into management at curfew each night (9pm Sun-Thurs and 10pm Fri & Sat). Cell phones will be returned to residents the following morning upon waking up.
  • Relationships in early recovery – Unless under special circumstances (marriage/long term partner), women are required to abstain from engaging in romantic relationships until actively making amends. This is something that needs to be discussed extensively with sponsor and house manager prior to consideration.
  • Accountability – Accountability within the house is essential in early recovery. If a resident does not report misconduct on the part of another resident, they will be held accountable and may be subject to discharge.
  • Drug Testing – You will be given random drug screening/breathalyzing while residing at Aletheia House. Residents need to provide sample for screening within 1 hour, or they will be subject to be ask to leave the house. This is to ensure the safety of all residents. Drug tests will also be given after any resident returns from an approved overnight. In the even of a positive drug screening/breathalyzer, resident will be asked to leave the house immediately.
  • No illegal behavior or gambling is allowed while residing at Aletheia House.
  • No tanning, new tattoos, excessive shopping etc. allowed until completion of at least 1 financial amends.


  • Meditation/Check-in – There is a morning meditation at 9 am Monday-Friday and a 9:30am meditation Saturday & Sunday. Unless you are at work, meeting with your sponsor, or have been excused prior to the meditation, attendance is mandatory. Immediately following meditation, residents will check in with the group and discuss their intentions/goals for the day ahead. If weather permits, meditation may be held in an outdoor location
  • House Meetings – There is a mandatory house meeting every Monday at 7pm. This is a house requirement and work/volunteer scheduling should be planned around this.
  • Evening Review – All residents are required to complete an 11th step evening review each night.  Residents on steps 1-11 are required to show the house manager your evening review prior to retiring.
  • Chore – Each resident is assigned a chore each week, and chores must be done by mediation every day. Once chore has been completed, residents must mark off the time that it was completed it on the daily chore sheet in the kitchen. If resident does not mark down what time you did your chore *even if done* it will be considered incomplete. Assigned chores and bedrooms are to be deep cleaned along with fridge cleanouts every Monday before the house meeting.
  • Wake up time – Monday through Friday all residents must be awake and out of bed by 8:30am. Saturday and Sunday wake up time is 9am
  • TV – Monday through Friday the television cannot be on before 5pm. Saturday and Sunday the television can be on at the house manager’s discretion.
  • Smoking/Vaping – Smoking/Vaping are restricted to designated smoking area only.
  • Curfew – For the first 60 days, curfew is 9pm Sunday-Thursday and 10pm on Friday & Saturday. After 60 days curfew is 10pm Sunday-Thursday and 11pm Friday and Saturday at managers discretion. Once a resident has completed all 12 steps, curfew will change to 12am Sun-Thurs and 1am Friday and Saturday. If you think you will miss curfew for any reason you must call manager right away to let her know that you will be late. Once you get home you will be drug tested.
  • Napping – There is no napping at Aletheia House except under special circumstance, in which residents need approval from house manager.
  • Rent – Rent is to be paid on the 1st of every month. A full 1st month’s rent is due at the time of move-in. The 2nd months rent will be prorated to reflect the initial move-in date.
  • Bedrooms – All bedrooms must be kept tidy and your bed must be made before meditation each morning. Bedrooms must be deep cleaned every Monday before house meeting.
  • House Bonding Events – Residents are required to attend scheduled events. These will be scheduled and announced at weekly house meeting.
  • Signing out – Each resident must sign out each time they leave the house (even if just leaving for a few minutes). There is a sign out book located at the front door. When signing out, residents must write their name, destination, as well as anticipated time of return. If arriving home later than projected time written, residents must text house manager to let her know. This is to ensure safety of all residents.
  • Dishes – You must wash all of your dishes. Do not leave any dishes in the sink. Dishes must be cleaned before residents leave the kitchen or move onto their next activity.
  • Bathroom – Please keep the bathroom clean, clean up the sink and surrounding counter area after doing your hair, brushing your teeth, doing your makeup, etc. and please remove your hair from the shower drain, remove your personal belongings from the shower. Products are never to be left in shower/bathroom and must be removed each time.
  • Overnights – Women who have completed steps 1-9  will be permitted overnights after 30 days. All other residents are eligible for overnights after 60 days. Overnights are permitted under house manager discretion. Overnight passes can be obtained from house manager and must be submitted a minimum of 48 hours prior for consideration. No more than 2 overnights per week.
  • Vehicles – Vehicles will be allowed at house managers discretion. Having access to a vehicle while residing at the house is a privilege that is susceptible to revocation or restriction at any time.
  • Visitors – No male visitors are allowed on the property. All Visitors must be cleared by house manager prior to entering, with the exception of sponsors.
  • Quiet Time – Quiet time is at 11pm every night. After 11pm, residents are expected to remain quiet and respectful towards the other residents who may be trying to sleep.

Sober Living Home Operator Information:

Phone: (207) 245-2486


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