A Vision of Hope Recovery Program Melbourne Florida

A Vision of Hope Recovery Program Melbourne Florida

Melbourne, Florida, USA

Certification: Not Certified

Gender: Men

Sober House Description:

About A Vision of Hope Recovery Program, a male sober house in Melbourne Florida.

A VISION OF HOPE RECOVERY PROGRAM (VOH) provides a transitional living program for men recovering from the disease of addiction. We believe that many addicts in recovery relapse after rehabilitation programs or drug treatment centers because they have not had enough time to develop the healthy life skills and habits necessary to deal with the demands and pressures of everyday living. “Just as we did not become addicts overnight, recovery does not happen overnight.”

VOH gives recovering addicts the tools and environmental imperative to developing a healthy lifestyle before returning to society and independent living. With help, it is possible for individuals struggling with the disease of addiction to learning how to live and enjoy life without the use of drugs. Our program provides comprehensive housing, self-improvement classes, and a foundation of recovery built on a twelve-step program while residing in a structured environment.

Additional Information:

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What We Offer

A safe and stable living environment
Rules and structure
Personal responsibility and accountability
Random drug and alcohol screening
Relapse prevention classes
Teaching healthy life skills
Help to set and reach personal goals
Referral to community resources
Close to local transportation
Morning meditation
Work with probation, DCF, and other agencies
All-inclusive housing (electric, cable, water, phone, internet, and some food)

Sober Living Home Operator Information:

Phone: (321) 831-0306

Website: https://www.avohrecovery.org/

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A Vision of Hope Recovery Program Melbourne Florida