David’s House Sheridan in Lakewood, Colorado - Spero Sober Living

David’s House Sheridan in Lakewood, Colorado - Spero Sober Living

W Alameda Ave & S Sheridan Blvd, Lakewood, Colorado, USA

Certification: Certified

Gender: Men

Sober House Description:

About David’s House Sheridan in Lakewood, Colorado – Spero Sober Living

Our East Lakewood sober residence is uniquely constructed as a home for individuals in life transitions. Consisting of two apartments connected by a common and open interior staircase, each apartment has four bedrooms, a full size living room, and kitchen.

Sheridan allows us to operate two sober living residences under one roof. As such, Sheridan offers both a smaller sober living experience in each apartment, and also the community and support of a larger population of fellow residents in recovery.

Sheridan is located on a major bus line and offers quick access by public transportation to significant destinations throughout Metro Denver.

Located in the Greater Denver Metro Area, Spero Recovery is headed by a clinical director, and all of our staff and house managers have recovered from either alcohol or drug addiction. As such, you will be surrounded by recovered brothers and sisters who “get it”.

We believe that sober living is a vital stage in the recovery of an individual from addiction, and that safety, accountability, cleanliness, and honesty are cornerstones to sober living and recovery. As such, we provide residences designed to combat the isolation that feeds addiction and leads to relapse.

Our residents not only share responsibilities in our sober living homes, but also provide vitally important emotional support and encouragement to each other. By actively fostering a community of housemates, such support comes naturally and spontaneously.

The goal of Spero Recovery is to foster strength, courage, and life skills so that, after leaving, you are able to live in hope and freedom with active addiction firmly in your past.


If you choose to enter Spero Recovery, you will go through a brief intake process which will included a drug test and review of ns, House Rules, and Chore List. While you can test positive for drugs or alcohol and still be admitted to Spero Recovery, you cannot be high or drunk at your intake.

When you enter you get free access to:

Laundry detergent;
Dishes and flatware;
Pots and pans;
Storage space for your food; and
TV and WiFi.

When you enter you are expected to:

Complete your weekly household chore;
Attend house meetings;
Keep your room clean;
Clean up after your self;
Submit to random drug tests;
Comply with your curfew (11pm usually); and
Attend three recovery meetings per week (AA, NA, CA etc…).


You can have your medical prescriptions at Spero Recovery. We have an easy to follow lock box policy that keeps your medications secure and still readily available to you.

Additionally, Spero Recovery is one of the few sober living residences that works with you and your opioid and/or alcohol dependency medications. In support of you we allow, under some restrictions, your prescribed dosing of:

Allowed (MAT) Opioid Dependency Medications:

Allowed (MAT) Alcohol Dependency Medications:

If your medication does not appear on the above list, please contact us and we will consult with our clinical director.

Additional Information:

Our sober living community consists of 6 houses with 63 residences in 4 Denver Metro suburbs. Almost all of our residences are free standing, single family dwellings located in middle class neighborhoods with a yard and parking for resident vehicles.

We pride ourselves on maintaining clean, well appointed, and organized living spaces for our residents.  As well, each resident can generally expect to have their own full size bed and one roommate.

In addition, we provide the following free of charge:

1. Bedding;
2. Cookware;
3. Plates, cups, and flatware;
4. Coffee;
5. Clothes washer and dryer;
6. Laundry detergent;
7. Household cleaning supplies;
8. Cable and Wi-Fi; and
9. Two days basic emergency food supply (if needed).

Sober Living Homes

Spero Recovery Homes provides clients with upscale amenities and personalized comfort while addressing the complex emotional issues of recovery as it applies to substance abuse, alcoholism, gambling addiction, and even co-occurring disorders.

We offer a safe and comfortable environment for you to work on your recovery, reclaim your life, and rediscover your dreams.

What Are Sober Living Homes?

Sober living is a residential environment where individuals recovering from addiction to alcohol and drugs can live in community with like-minded housemates. The residents support each other in recovery and hold each other accountable for the operation of the residence.

A sober living home is:

  • A place to live where you can continue to work on your recovery
  • A peaceful place where roommates work out their issues
  • It is a community living environment
  • A place where you can find support concerning your sobriety
  • A sober living home is not:
  • A place where you can use drugs or alcohol
  • A place where you can live for free
  • A place to be disrespectful of others

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David’s House Sheridan in Lakewood, Colorado - Spero Sober Living