24/7 House, Inc.

24/7 House, Inc.

Baxley, GA 31515, USA

Certification: Certified

Gender: Coed

Rents Start at: $1000 monthly


The 24/7 House Residential Alcohol and Drug Recovery Residence program is an in depth journey of self, and healing from the life-crippling effects of the disease of addiction. Our program is Christ Centered: we believe that Christ has to be at the center of the process so that the recovery aspect will work effectively.

The program provides the individual with all the necessary tools for entering and maintaining long-term recovery.

Additional Information:

The 24/7 House is a faith based residential recovery facility for men and women who suffer from the disease of drug and alcohol addiction. We have been privileged to serve this ministry since 2009. Our foundation is built strongly upon spiritual, clinical, and therapeutic principles that allow and provide for successful recovery.

It is a comprehensive program that requires a minimum one-year commitment. Our staff has worked diligently to achieve the stringent standards set forth by the Georgia Association of Recovery Residences (G.A.R.R.) and the Transitional Housing for Offender Reentry (T.H.O.R.).

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Phone: (912) 366-7777

Website: http://twentyfour7houseinc.com/

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24/7 House, Inc.