How to Party Sober

How to Party Sober

How to Party Sober

Sobriety, especially around the holidays, can leave you with a massive case of F.O.M.O or fear of missing out. That fear can leave us feeling stressed, anxious, and frustrated. But if we can participate in a healthy way, a party can be even more fun than with a bottle or a joint. Whether you enjoy socializing or are attending out of a commitment to work or family, these tips can help you feel comfortable at your first sober party.

How to Party Sober:

Have an exit strategy:

Park your car close by or have a partner or friend ready to pick you up.

Give yourself permission to leave at any time:

Know your limits. It’s important to know and realize when you’ve had enough. Don’t feel guilty if you have to be the first one to leave.

Have friends on standby to speak to:

Tell them you’re going to your first party sober and that you may need to call them if you feel challenged.

Make a list of reasons why you don’t drink or use drugs:

Remember why you don’t. If you have to make a list and keep it with you. Take a look at it if you feel tempted.

Be prepared: 

If anyone asks you why you don’t drink, you can either tell them a reason that you have listed — I’m allergic, I am taking a break, I don’t drink — or decline to answer. At the end of the day, it’s no one else’s business. Do what makes you comfortable.

Order your own drinks:

If you don’t want to go to the bar, ask a trusted friend. But if you don’t feel comfortable being around a bar, that’s probably a sign you’re not ready to be there at all.

It is okay to stay home: 

An invitation is not an obligation. Don’t feel bad if you aren’t comfortable going.

Perhaps most of all, be gentle with yourself. It can be challenging to do this sober for the first time. Everything can feel more challenging and uncomfortable without a drink to ease tension and provide some social lubrication. But it is entirely possible to get through it, and once you do, you’ll have a new experience in sobriety. Over time, you’ll realize you can do anything sober, and you’ll even wonder why you’d even want to drink at a party in the first place!

A major part of recovery is doing what’s best for you. Looking for a home environment which supports your recovery?Check out our sober house directory.


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