Grant of $7 Million to Help Springfield Families

Grant of $7 Million to Help Springfield Families

Grant of $7 Million to Help Springfield Families

A Vital Service Provider to Families in Springfield, MA

SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS (WWLP) – A $1.4 million gift from the Children’s Trust of Massachusetts over the next five years will benefit thousands of Springfield families. Because of the donation, these families will continue to benefit from Square One’s Healthy Families program.

Square One is proud to continue to provide this vital service to families throughout greater Springfield and to serve as a model for other programs around the country, says Melissa Blissett, Square One’s Vice President of Family Support Services. “The program encapsulates our mission, and with the success we have achieved since the program’s inception in 2010, we are eager to continue the important work we have been engaged in with parents, their children, and their extended families.”

A Home-based Family Support and Coaching Program

Healthy Families, a home-based family support and coaching program, supports new parents in fostering safe, supportive environments for their children.

The project matches parents with certified professionals who make home visits to help families during their child’s first three years of life and while pregnant. Visitors educate parents on good newborn care in the home, stimulate caring and bonding, and ensure parents have a firm understanding of healthy child development.

They also advise parents on how to achieve their goals, such as obtaining work or returning to school.

“Our goal in everything we do is to position our children for success in school and beyond,” says Square One President & CEO Dawn DiStefano.

“In order to be successful in this goal, we know that we have to focus on the whole family and the challenges endured by both children and their parents. Our Healthy Families program enables us to take on this holistic approach to serving our community.”

Parents can engage in the program from the time of their pregnancy until their child is three years old. Square One’s highly trained home visits and supervisors work with participating families to handle the challenges that parenting might provide, uncover community resources, and help parents as they pursue personal goals like as finishing school or finding the right career.

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