Recovery from substance abuse is a rebuilding process. Recovery isn’t just a state of being, it is a constant struggle and effort to build and rebuild relationships with others as well as ourselves. Read stories of resilience and new beginnings in our Rebuilding articles.

How to Party Sober

Sobriety, especially around the holidays, can leave you with a massive case of F..

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Five Lies About Recovery

The harmful stigma that surrounds substance abuse disorder was brought about by ..

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What is Recovery?

Recovery is a process. It’s not focusing on what you can’t have, but how you..

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Rebuilding your Financial Life in Early Recovery

During our 12-steps, we identify our rock bottom. For many of us, this is losing..

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Find Your Fit: A Guide to Picking a Sober House

It’s no secret that recovery from drug addiction or alcoholism is a process. A..

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Rebuilding Trust in Recovery: An Unconventional Perspective

When we talk about trust in the context of addiction, we usually are referring t..

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