Finding a Home

Our Finding a Home category features articles on finding a sober house to fit your needs. Sober houses come in many shapes and sizes, and sober house operators may have vastly different approaches to recovery. Become a student of sober housing and make an informed decision on where you’ll continue your recovery journey!

Am I Ready For a Sober House?

Are you ready for sober living?What does a sober living home entail? Wh..

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Oxford House on the Sober House Directory

The Sober House Directory displays Oxford Houses across the United States. ..

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COVID-19 is Affecting Sober Houses

COVID-19 and sober houses Every sober house in America is affected by COVID..

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Find Your Fit: A Guide to Picking a Sober House

It’s no secret that recovery from drug addiction or alcoholism is a process. A..

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