Read about how sober living homes impact the families of men and women in recovery. Sober houses are an important part of recovery, and many family members want to know how recovery homes function. Recovery homes often function as a family for their residents, and learning how to re-enter a family setting in early recovery is a crucial milestone for all sober house residents.

Grant of $7 Million to Help Springfield Families

A Vital Service Provider to Families in Springfield, MA SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSE..

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Words Matter: Terminology & Addiction, and Why What We Say Makes a Difference

This article provides background information and suggestions for providers utili..

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We Need to Reach Addicted Parents Through the Child Welfare System

Although some substance use disorders (SUDs) can go away without therapy, gettin..

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Is Drug Addiction More Stigmatized Than Mental Health? 

According to substance abuse research, negative attitudes towards people with me..

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Motherhood in Recovery

“While I was sitting on the bed waiting for the test to show positive or negat..

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Rebuilding Trust in Recovery: An Unconventional Perspective

When we talk about trust in the context of addiction, we usually are referring t..

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